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Fully develop the potential of a life, team, or company

When many paths are good and possible, then it is a matter of setting a meaningful course for professional and private life. Here I accompany you with coaching and training

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We will find the right professional & personal development solution for your matter at hand. We first have a free of charge session to understand your need(s), to establish rapport, and to discuss the details of a potential contracting (30 min). Remote/virtual services are available also across timezones in English and German also on weekends. In-person solutions are focused on Düsseldorf. I focus on individualized learning journeys (soft- and leadership skills). In coaching one of my preferred tools is working with the Enneagram as a tool for personal and professional development (individuals & teams).


Coaching and training for Executives, Managers, and Specialists

Career development coaching

Leadership capability building


Team coaching

Team development

Team building


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Corporate facilitation

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Dr. Florian J. Schmitz-Remberg, B.A.

I am a Professional & Personal Development Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator in secondary employment while I am with McKinsey & Company in my 10th year (both are independent from one another).

In my primary employment I am the Head of HRBP for Germany & Austria. I work in HR/Professional Development since 2017. I drive and advise the development and evaluation of our internal colleagues. I bring our people mission to life for our non-client facing colleagues with a focus on the German Office (~1000 colleagues across >160 departments) and (co-) lead/support also EUR/global initiatives also with regards to our client-facing colleagues. I act as a key-facilitator, faculty, and coach for several firm-wide learning programs with a focus on leadership capability building.

From 2014-2017 I advised clients as a Consultant in operational, strategical, and organizational topics. I had a functional focus especially on operations and transformations. I further focused on the steel industry.

Before I started to work with McKinsey & Company I was pursuing a legal career from 2011-2014 especially with regard to corporate and financial topics. I gathered teaching and facilitating experience at the University of Düsseldorf, too.

I obtained a PhD in Criminal Law, a Diploma in Law and a B.A. in Philosophy/History from the University of Düsseldorf. I am an accredited Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC, ICF ACTC), accredited Enneagram Practitioner (iEQ9), certified Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA), and am certified in the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).

10+ years

Experience in the Professional Services Industry (e.g., McKinsey & Company, Linklaters), thereof

6+ years

Experience as a (Sr.) Professional Development Manager/(Head of) HRBP with McKinsey & Company and

3 years

Experience as a Consultant for Transformation & Optimization with McKinsey & Company (full-time)

>4000 people

Were participants of my trainings/facilitations

>700 people

Coached as individuals or in groups; >600 people coached on the Enneagram as a tool for personality development

client rating

Average client rating throughout 2022-2023

iEQ9 Level 1 & 2 + Korn Ferry

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner (iEQ9): Individuals & Teams 

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

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Dr. Florian J. Schmitz-Remberg, B.A.

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References (selection)

CEO & Co-Founder

Tianyu Yuan

"Florian offered a tailor-made program for our leadership team. The sessions were a lot of fun and very efficient. Florian helped us to better understand how we can excel as a team. The program also helped us to sharpen the vision and mission of our company."  

Project Executive

Sandra Lühr

"The coaching session with Florian helped me to question my own patterns of thinking and acting in everyday life and during work. The session was entertaining, educational and insightful - I now think more actively about who I am and who I want to be."

Manager, large corporation


"Florian is a 'pot of gold'"

Team Leader, large corporation


"Florian is probably the best trainer I ever had. He is smart and knows what he´s talking about"


Coaching - what is it and what does it require?

Coaching is an intellectually stimulating and thought/action provoking creative process designed to inspire individuals and teams to maximize personal and/or also professional potential. The basis for successful coaching is mutual trust and the active cooperation of the coachee. Throughout the coaching process, the coachee is responsible for him/herself. Coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace psychotherapy. It is the task of the coach to give impulses and to initiate insight processes as well as to prepare and follow up their implementation in reflective conversations. The coach provides assistance and strives to motivate the coachee and to discover together with the coachee ways to achieve the coachee's goals. It is not the task of the coach to take decisions from the coachee or to give concrete advice. The coach also endeavors not to influence the coachee in any way in the coach's own interest. The success of the coaching is not guaranteed by the coach, as it is significantly bound to an active process participation of the coachee. In order to achieve the goals of the coaching and to have a sustainable success from the cooperation, the coachee strives for openness and a self-critical exchange of ideas. Furthermore, the coachee accepts that the coaching requires an objective and detailed examination of his or her own person and situation.

While some coaching questions require only a few hours, some others might be more time intensive and result in accompanying you through weeks or months to come.

Enneagram - a tool for coaching individuals and teams?

You can find great information about the Enneagram as a tool for coaching individuals and teams here. And yes, using the Enneagram as a coaching tool might be something that we discuss depending on your respective need. The Enneagram is a fantastic tool for the development of individuals, teams, companies, but also of private partnerships.

Discounts - are such available, e.g., for people early in their careers, companies in special situations?

Yes, there are discounts on the regular price available for people early in their professional life as well for young companies/start-ups. Let's look at your situation at hand to see if you qualify for any discount.

Public Speaking - are you available? 

Yes, I do public speaking from time to time. You can find one example here

Only by coming to terms with ourselves can we live up to the potential of our lives, both professionally and personally

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